The QD MLOK Mount: Enhance Your Firearm’s Versatility with KDG

KDG is a prominent manufacturer known for producing high-quality firearm accessories, including the (Quick Detach) QD MLOK mount. These mounts are specifically designed to combine the modular flexibility of the MLOK system with the convenience of QD mechanisms, making them a popular choice for tactical and hunting applications.

What is MLOK?

MLOK is a mounting system developed by Magpul Industries. It is designed to provide a lightweight, modular option for attaching accessories like optics, grips, bipods, and more to firearms. The system uses elongated slots that allow for a range of mounting positions and is popular for its simplicity and versatility.

What is QD (Quick Detach)?

Quick Detach systems are designed for rapid attachment and detachment of accessories. QD mounts feature a push-button mechanism that allows the user to quickly remove or attach an accessory without the need for tools. This is particularly useful in situations where flexibility and speed are important, such as in tactical or hunting scenarios.

QD MLOK Mounts

The QD MLOK mount combines the modular flexibility of the MLOK system with the convenience of QD mechanisms. They typically consist of a base that attaches to the MLOK slot with our patented QD mount system to convert the accessories to QD.

Key Features:

1. Easy Installation: A QD MLOK mount is designed to be easily installed on MLOK compatible surfaces. This involves pressing the QD mount into place, no screws, T-nuts or Hardware required.

2. Quick Attachment/Detachment: The QD feature allows for rapid swapping of accessories. For example, a shooter can quickly detach a sling or a bipod and move it to another position or firearm.

3. Versatility: These mounts are used for a variety of accessories including slings, optics, lights, and bipods.

4. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, QD MLOK mounts are built to withstand rigorous use and harsh environments.

5. Adjustability: The MLOK system’s design allows for the mount to be placed at various positions along the slot, providing customizable accessory placement.

Use Cases and Scenarios:

1. Tactical Operations: In high-stakes environments, the ability to quickly reconfigure weapon accessories can be a game-changer. A QD MLOK mount allows operators to adapt their firearms to evolving tactical scenarios efficiently.

2. Hunting: Hunters benefit from the ease of attaching and detaching accessories like bipods and slings. The quick detachment feature is especially useful when transitioning between stalking and stationary shooting.

3. Competitive Shooting: Competitive shooters require rapid adjustments to their setups to suit different stages of a match. The QD MLOK mount facilitates these adjustments, helping shooters maintain a competitive edge.

Common Accessories with a QD MLOK Mount:

Slings: QD mounts for slings provide a secure yet easily detachable point for attaching a sling, aiding in mobility and ease of use.

Bipods: Attaching a bipod with a QD mount allows for stable shooting positions and can be easily removed when not needed.

Flashlights and Lasers: QD mounts can be used to attach tactical lights and lasers, enhancing visibility and target acquisition.

A QD MLOK mount is a practical and efficient solution for firearm enthusiasts looking to enhance their weapon systems with modular, easily detachable accessories. Their popularity stems from the combination of the MLOK system’s flexibility and the QD mechanism’s convenience.


MLOK QD Sling Mount

QD push-button sling mount attachment point


7 Slot MLOK Pic Rail

M-Lok to 1913 Pic Rail


3 Slot M-Lok Pic Rail

M-Lok to 1913 Pic rail


5 Slot M-Lok Pic Rail

M-Lok to 1913 Pic Rail