Kinetic Development Group offers a limited lifetime warranty for all products produced and manufactured by KDG, not all products offered on kineticdg.com are covered under this warranty. Warranty coverage includes manufacturing and material defects. Also, to include unexpected malfunctions from reasonable and intended use of the product. Prior to a warranty, please send a detailed email to info@kineticdg.com to start an RMA. Please visit our Refund and Return Policy page for more info on our RMA process.

KDG will not warranty products due to:

  • Wear & tear from use
  • Improper installation 
  • Abuse of product
  • Modified products
  • Products purposely disassembled or damaged
  • Lost or stolen items
  • or any such relation to the aforementioned

It is at the discretion of Kinetic Development Group to decide if a product is covered under this limited lifetime warranty. Warranted items will be repaired or replaced at Kinetic Development Groups discretion. Some, but not all, of the above listed are eligible for our Non-Warranty Repair service. 

KDG does not offer any warranty coverage for firearms, optics or other such items used in conjunction with our products.     

Warranty Returns:

Within 1 year of purchase KDG offers free shipping for warrantable items with proof of purchase. After 1 year from the purchase date or without proof of purchase it is the user’s responsibility to mail their warranty item to KDG. KDG will return all repaired or warranty replaced items for free regardless of purchase date.     

Customers must contact Kinetic Development Group to acquire an RMA prior to sending in a warranty return. Please email info@kineticdg.com for any questions regarding a possible return or visit our Refund and Return Policy page. 

Non-Warranty Repairs:

Kinetic Development Group offers a repair service for items no longer covered under the limited lifetime warranty for a flat fee of $25. This fee includes diagnosis, parts, labor and return shipping of items. It is at the discretion of Kinetic Development Group to determine what components will be repaired or replaced. Kinetic Development Group will not service a product that is considered to be ‘Totally Destroyed’. A product is considered ‘Totally Destroyed’ when repairs exceed 51% total cost of manufacturing. It is the owner’s responsibility to mail their item to KDG at 71 Cogwheel Lane, Seymour, CT 06483. Please contact info@kineticdg.com for more info about our repair services.

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