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Q: When will the SAS / ACR Stock be back in-stock?

A: The short answer is never. The ACR stock has been discontinued by its manufacturer in January of 2022. Since the cease in production of the ACR/Masada, KDG is no longer able to manufacture the adapter and provide the Scar Adapted Stock. 

Yes, to your next question, we are looking for and working towards a suitable replacement for a Scar stock. Lead time for a replacement is currently undetermined  

Q: The mail carrier is late or has lost my package; how should I proceed?

A: Once the package is “Accepted” by the mail carrier and is in the carriers’ possession; it is completely, 100% out of our control what happens to your package. For lost or late arrivals please contact the mail carrier with the provided tracking information to resolve your package inquiry. 

If the package makes its way back to our facility, we will notify you via email or by phone to verify shipping address and then resend your order. 


Q: What Sidelok should I order for my optic?

A: Sidelok offers many different optics’ footprints that fit over 80 differed optics currently on the market. For more info on optics compatibility please refer to the product page for a list on compatible optics. Feel free to also check out this link with loads of great info about optic footprints.  Footprints/Mounting Standards on Red Dot Sights – Optics Info (optics-info.com)


Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A: Yes, we offer free shipping on all order over $125. We also offer coupon codes for free shipping to qualifying parties. 


Q: I got a notification my package has shipped but status still says, ‘Waiting for carrier / Not yet in system’ so where is my package?

A: Just because a shipping label has been created does not indicate your package has left the facility. Shipping & Packing labels get assigned simultaneously once an order is processed and payment capture, this ensures everything in your order ends up in your package. Postal pick-up may take up to 1 week after a label has been created. Please wait 1 week before inquiring about a shipment, if 1 week has passed then please reach out to us at info@kineticdg.com 


Q: An item says In-stock, is it really? 

A: Short answer yes. If marked In-Stock this indicates an item is accounted for in inventory.  


Q: Will my KDG Scar Talon Safety Selector work in my AR? 

A: No. The KDG Talon Safety Selector only works on FN Scar rifle platforms.


Q: What spotting scopes will the KDG Optics Hub work with?

A: The Optics Hub was designed around the Leupold Mk4 Spotting scope BUT will work with almost every spotting scope on the market. Due to the fact that we cannot find every optic on the market to test it, if yours does not fit, we do allow customers a 30-day return period. 


Q: Will you warranty wear on my FN Scar due to use with a KDG product? Will my firearm still be under its factory warranty if I modify it? 

A: We do not warranty firearms. Factory warranties from different manufacturers are dependent upon that specific manufacturer. Please contact the maker of your firearm if you have any concerns. 


Q: Will the Kinect pieces work on any M-lok accessory?

A: As long as that M-lok accessory was built to Magpul’s exact M-lok specifications, it should work no problem. Please visit the product pages in regard to fitment on specific M-lok accessories.


Q: Does the Kinect have a break in period?

A: Yes. The Kinect is a mechanical part newly anodized with gears and cams. Although we test these multiple times at the factory prior to packaging, we recommend installing and removing your new Kinect piece multiple times to help break it in when you first receive it.


Q: Why is the Kinect difficult at times to get off?

A: We chose to make the Kinect as secure as possible while also staying within the tolerances that are designated for the M-lok system designed by Magpul. We felt that a tighter, more secure fit is better for everyone all around.


Q: When installing my Kinect piece, one arm releases before the other, and it’s sometimes difficult to get the other arm to release. Is this bad? Did I install it wrong?

A: Don’t worry, you are good to go. Kinect can attach with both arms releasing at the same time, or separately. When they release separately it is only because the Kinect piece was not completely aligned when it was installed. This does not affect rigidity or securement at all.


Q: My new Kinect piece had some marks on it when I got it, almost like it was used… What the___?

A: Kinect pieces are all tested 5-10 times prior to leaving the factory on both M-lok fixtures and actual M-lok rails. The marks are due to testing.


Q: Does Sidelok hold zero?

A: If installed correctly onto your optic and your rifle, yes.


Q: Does the Sidelok return to zero if removed from my rifle?

A: Like any other high quality optic mount, if the Sidelok is reinstalled in the same position, it will maintain zero.


Q: Why does the Sidelok lock down so tight when it is installed? When I try to take it off, it almost “pops” like it was cemented on.

A: Making sure that your optic and scope are securely attached to your rifle is pretty important. The Sidelok ensures a secure fit.


Q: Does the button have to be facing forward on the Sidelok?

A: Based upon how it was designed, the button works best on the front. The cam system internally increases tension as the optic is exposed to added forces like recoil. 


Q: Does the Kinetic MREX fit on both the FN Scar 16 and the SCAR 17 model rifles?

A: Yes, all MREX Mk II rails will fit on any factory FN Scar 16 or 17 models regardless of barrel length, caliber, or color. 

Please note however: All MREX Models will fit on any 16″ or longer barrel length. They will also fit on most 14.5″ barrels that have been resized by their owners. The MREX Mk II 6.5 and 4.25 are not intended for use on FN Scars with a 10.5” barrel. Doing so may place the user’s hand and/or accessories in front of the muzzle. All MREX Mk II will not fit on FN Scar 20 rifle.   


Q: Does the MREX fit on the FN Scar 20 model?

A: Yes and No. Only the MREX20 line of rails will fit on FN Scar 20 models.


Q: Are the MREX rails difficult to install?

A: So easy a caveman could do it. If you can remove the OEM pic rail and barrel assembly, you can install any MREX.


Q: I opened the box and my MREX is missing 2 screws and 2 washers.

A: No, it is not. When designing the MREX Mk II, we eliminated the need and use of the Delrin spacers and extra hardware for added ease during installation. We discovered these components are not necessary on first gen MREX and may not be included in the replacement hardware kits. 


Q: Does the Kinetic FN Scar front and rear QD sling points fit on all FN Scar model?

A: Yes! The Kinetic Front QD has been updated to work on ALL Scar models. The Rear QD will also work on all models.


Q: What type of Payment Methods do you accept?

A: Preferably unmarked bills and favors… We accept all major credit cards. Please visit the Payments and Shipping Methods page for more information.


Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?

A: Export of our products requires a state department export license. Please contact us via the contact page or email us at info@kineticdg.com for more information. Web store orders only ship within the United States.


Q: When I place my order, how soon will it arrive?

A: Orders for items IN STOCK are typically processed and shipped within 24 business hours of being placed. KDG Business hours are Mon – Fri 0700 – 1500 EST (i.e., If an order is placed Friday, you should expect shipment before Tuesday… in most cases!). Some order may take up to a week to ship, orders are not processed on the weekends and most Tuesdays. 


Q: Do you offer expedited shipping?

A: No. Currently we ship all online orders with UPS Ground, USPS First Class, FedEx, and USPS Priority Mail. Please contact us at info@kineticdg.com for special circumstances regarding shipping. 


Q: I bought an item from you but installed it incorrectly; can I get a replacement for free?

A: If you have installed your item incorrectly and need a replacement, email us and we can see what we can do to help. Please also visit our Return and Warranty pages for more details.


Q: Is your warranty a lifetime warranty?

A: Yes, our products are covered under our limited lifetime warranty. Visit our Warranty page for more information or send us an email. 


Q: How durable is the MREX?

A: Oh, it’s durable…. Properly attached to a scar


Q: What type of shipping do you use?

A: We use USPS for most webstore orders and for smaller items. We utilized FedEx and UPS for larger, and commercial orders. We also use curriers that prefer to be paid in eBay gift cards 😉 


Q: Can I buy an item, and have it mailed to someone other than myself?

A: As long as it’s paid for, we don’t mind sending it wherever you want! In fact, we need more friends like you, who buy MREX rails for their buddies!


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes. We gladly offer Military, LEO and First Responder discounts, please email us for more info. We also offer several discounts throughout the year for special events, please join our mail list to stay up to date on the latest discounts offered. 


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