Optics Hub – Tactical Gray

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The Optics Hub is a lightweight, high strength, super modular housing for your favorite spotting scope. Its design allows you to easily tether all your PRS/ELR accessories to one centralized piece of gear. Laser range finders, mini-red dots, and laser target designator can be co-aligned to match the center focal point of scope. Dope cards, Kestrels and more can easily be added to quickly and accurately acquire targets or collect data, all without breaking your field of view. Unlike anything currently on the market, the Optics Hub works with a wide variety of spotting scopes from various manufacturers. As long as the optics can fit inside the Hub it’ll give the advantage you need at any distance!  

NIR Cerakote is an Anti-Infrared Reflective coating, the Optics Hub will aid in clandestine operations when faced with an opponent who has night vision capabilities. Whether an animal adapted to see in the dark or an enemy force operating with night vision goggles, the NIR Optics Hub makes sure the unseen remains invisible.  


  • 18.8 oz
  • 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Cerakote
  • (22) MLOK slots 
  • (14) ¼ – 20 threads
  • (6) Underbody ¼ – 20 camera style threaded mounting
  • (5) Mounting positions for various sized spotting scopes
  • NOX compatible 


  • Optics Hub
  • Optic installation kit 
Weight 25.3 oz

Vehicle Prepping & EDC – Part 1.

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