SMX6 – Stribog Muzzle Extension – 6 inch


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The Stribog Muzzle Extension was designed to be used in conjunction with the KDG SRX models; Stribog Receiver Extensions. These muzzle extensions thread onto the Stribog barrel, extending the end of the muzzle an extra 3 or 6 inches. This device is important for directing the blast of the muzzle forward of the Stribog Receiver Extension, protecting the users’ arms and hands during weapon firing and manipulations. Both the SMX3 and SMX6 thread onto the end of the muzzle using standard 1/2×28 threads. Designed from a mild c1018 steel, easy to weld if required to keep in compliance with local and federal firearms laws and regulations. Bolstering a knurled forend for a slip free grip allowing easy installation and removal, confirming securement and for a pleasingly aesthetic appearance.

***Is a stand-alone muzzle device not to be used, or modified to be used, with another such muzzle device.


The Stribog Muzzle Extension 6 inch (SMX6) can be used with both Stribog Receiver Extensions 3 and 6 inch models (SRX3 & SRX6)  

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