SIDELOK – Trijicon Modular ACOG Mount

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Expected June 1

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Sidelok is a groundbreaking Quick Detach (QD) mounting system for optics. It eliminates the need for tools, levers, or oversized knobs, offering a simple push button design for securely mounting any optic to a picatinny rail. The system guarantees to maintain zero and ensures continuous return to zero when remounted in the same position as when the optic was zeroed. With an additional safety feature to prevent unintentional movement or detachment of the optic, Sidelok represents the future of optics mounts. 

The Sidelok Modular ACOG mount offers a slim profile with a slightly raised base to assist with aiming and iron sight clearance. One very unique feature is that the Modular ACOG mount offer 2 different mounting positions to allow for a more forgiving eye relief. In the forward mounting position, the ACOG sits flush with the front of the mount having a similar, but taller, profile to the Trijicon TA51 mount.  When the ACOG is mounted in the reward position, the ACOG has a reward cantilever allowing for clearance on most folded flip up iron sights.


Weight: 4.02 oz

Finish: Black Anodized

Compatibility: Fits all ACOG models (Excluding 6×48) | 1-8×28 VCOG Models (1-6×24 Not yet Confirmed)

Vehicle Prepping & EDC – Part 1.

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