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MREX MkII Replacement Bridge



This is a REPLACEMENT Bridge insert for all MREX MkII rails. A new MREX MkII will have a Bridge already pre-installed from the factory. This kit is not required when purchasing an MREX MkII. If a replacement Bridge is needed we recommend replacing the MREX MkII installation hardware as well. 


  • (1) Replacement Bridge
  • (2) M5-0.80 x 10mm 90-degree flat head fastener
  • (1) M5-0.80 x 8mm 90-degree flat head fastener


  • Insert Bridge into rail at slight angle
  • Align bottom and side holes 
  • Apply a healthy amount of Red Loctite (or equivalent) to fasteners
  • Tighten to 40in/lb – starting with the bottom 8mm fastener
  • Let adhesive cure before installing rail onto firearm


MkII installation hardware kit: MREX MkII Hardware Kit – Kinetic Development Group LLC (

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Weight 0.6 oz