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The Kinect Product line by KDG is a revolutionary QD mounting system that will change the way we attach accessories to our weapon platforms. Much like the Sidelok for picatinny attachment, Kinect ensures proper and easy installation, eliminating common variables that would cause issues such as over tightening, and feeding the T-nut into the M-Lok slots. Although revolutionary, Kinect is quite simple in its operation. There are two spring-loaded wedges in the base of the Kinect mounting point. When you press the accessory or rail section down in the M-Lok slot, two tiny deployment triggers get pressed against the rail firing the wedges into place. There is nothing more frustrating than fiddling with an allen wrench to get your accessories on and off your weapon with traditional M-Lok rail sections. This changes the whole dynamic of M-Lok and makes every accessory truly modular with the ability to mount and dismount accessories when seconds are needed.


Length: 1.68″ (42.8mm) Use with one M-LOK section

Width: .82″ (20.9mm)

Height (Over M-LOK): .41″ (10.5mm)

Finish: Black Anodized

Compatibility: Compatible with any M-LOK rail system.

Weight: 0.8oz




**NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE AS A BIPOD ATTACHMENT POINT! Due to loading into the Bipod, the Kinect system can disengage from recoil***

***The Kinect system was designed and manufactured to the original specifications set by Magpul Industries for a rail thickness of .080″ and .125″ thick. The current specifications for M-Lok are with a thickness of .080″ up to .150″ on some polymer rails. We do not suggest, nor can we guarantee our Kinect product will work on polymer products. The Kinect system was intended for use on precision machined aluminum rails within the specification of .080″ to .125″ overall thickness.  With the variable tolerances that polymer parts are capable of, it is not suggested you use Kinect M-Lok mounts unless you are sure the rail is within these specifications.  If you have purchased a Kinect piece and it does not work with the polymer or other larger tolerance aftermarket M-Lok rail, please review our Return Policy and email us at

***The Kinect Pieces are made fully assembled from the factory and not intended to be disassembled by the end user. Because these are mechanical items, all Kinect pieces are tested multiple times at the factory to ensure they work properly and securely mount to M-Lok. If you see little marks on your new Kinect piece, do not worry, that is the factory testing marks, most of which can be removed with a damp cloth.


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Weight 0.8 oz


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