Seneca said “The path to wisdom was acquiring one quote, one idea, one insight everyday.” As part of our effort to provide a dynamic array of educational and creative content we would like to introduce to you; The KDG Blog. Our goal for this blog is to provide transparent articles with an informative, comedic touch written by real people, not generated by some random AI software. We look to include both fact and opinion driven narratives, aiming to challenge the statuesque, bust myths, encourage unconventional thought and pass along lessons learned. Join us every other week as we discuss a vast range of topics, mostly related to firearms, such as; accessories, tips & tricks, comparisons, trends and more. Each blog will be a unique topic presented in a short to medium length form including quotes, photos & charts as well as links and sighted sources pertaining to the blog. We are excited to welcome you on this journey and hope that with each blog post you gain an advantage, new knowledge or a differing perspective. Please be sure to join our mail list and follow us on social media to stay informed about the latest blogs!