Designing new rifle accessories is not as easy as it may seem. There are so many deciding factors, other than “Does is make my rifle look pretty?” or “More picatinny please.” The Kinetic MREX system is the most innovative SCAR receiver extension ever brought to the market. When designing the Kinetic MREX (“Modular Receiver Extension”), there were a couple important features that mattered to us: Lightweight, Fit and Function, Modularity, and Innovative.

Lighter, Faster, Stronger. All factors that are important to a seasoned shooter. Combining our proprietary modular system and Magpul’s M-LOK with the some of the lightest and strongest materials on the market, the MREX system provides a balanced platform to your SCAR rifle. The MREX is the most rigidly attached receiver extension for the SCAR platforms. The system reduces unnecessary weight while not sacrificing durability. Overall, your SCAR is transformed into the platform you need.


Ergonomics Vs. Functionality. Just because it feels good in my hands, doesn’t mean it will fit all of my needs. With the MREX, you get both fit and function. The MREX reduces the profile of the SCAR front end while providing necessary mounting real estate for your important gear. A full modular at the six o’clock position from the lower module to the end of the receiver extension, full modularity on both sides, as well as a drop rail for mounting PEQ or lights to avoid visual interference with your optical system are just some of the factors adding to its complete functional purpose.

Mod·u·lar: constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use. Its your rifle. Who’s to tell you where your gear should go? The MREX is available in 2 different modular designs. Our proprietary KDG modular design utilizes a direct bolt on interface standard with most direct bolt on interface spacing and thread pitch in the small arms industry. The second is the Magpul M-LOK system, the lightest, and most diverse yet standardized modular system on the market today.

If you are going to design a new product, make sure its innovative. There was no shortage of time, prototypes, and expert opinion before the MREX reached full maturity. Innovative products are not rushed to the market. They are like a fine wine that needs time to breath. A good product will always be better when it is given its due time to develop into a truly innovative product. When choosing a modular platform, your product is not innovative unless it is using the most innovative mounting platform, M-LOK.