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The Kinetic MREX™ Receiver extension provides the solution you’ve been searching for with your SCAR rifle platform. The MREX™ was designed to be a simple, durable, and lightweight. By utilizing a one piece design, the MREX™ maintains extreme durability. The MREX™ also allows for removal of the barrel with the extension still attached, allowing users to still change out there barrel assembly in just a few screws. The overall design puts modularity in the places you want it and need it and no where else; while reducing the profile of the factory SCAR platform. There is no better solution to add to your SCAR.

  • Works on all 7.62 and 5.56 SCAR models w/ 16″ or longer barrels
  • Black Anodized
  • Magpul M-LOK™ Modular Design
  • ADDS ONLY 3.7oz to the weight of your SCAR!
  • Improved rifle balance and weight distribution
  • 6.5″ added modular rail space from front of SCAR receiver, for use with any SCAR L & H barrel configurations. (certain Flash hiders and certain suppressors will not fit.)
  • 2x Uncle Mikes QD Mounting Points
  • Installation still allows for quick change barrel. (See Tutorial Video)
  • Full kit includes 2 MAGPUL M-LOK™ polymer accessory rails, installation torx wrenches, torx screws and vibratite


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Non-Reflective Black Type III Hard-Coat Anodizing
  • Length: 13.25″
  • Length added: 6.5″ -Ideal for any standard length SCAR-L or SCAR-H.
  • Weight of full kit: 9.6oz
  • 100% Made in the USA

*When installing your MREX rail system or SCAR sling points, we recommend hand tightening all screws, then applying a 1/4 – 1/2 turn to insure your screws are tightened properly. Please make sure to use Vibratite on all screws installed.*

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Weight 9.6 oz

6 reviews for SCAR MREX™- M-LOK™ 6.5″ BLACK

  1. David (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and finish.

    Following the video, installation was a breeze. The end result is sturdy and lightweight, and allows me a more natural grip since I have longer arms.

    This replaced my PWS SRX, since I didn’t feel the need for 2km of rails on my rifle. The MREX M-LOK system allows me to drop a rail where I need it, or run it nice and clean when I don’t.

    The black finish is also a perfect match.

    HIGHLY recommended!

  2. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I have waited for the perfect rail extension since I bought my SCAR 17 over a year ago. I finally found it. At first I was concerned about spending $300 on a rail extension since most competitors have them for around $200. But It’s worth the investment.

    This rail completely changes how the SCAR feels, but in a good way. It feels more ergonomic without the added bulk of the picattiny rails. Since this this is my only rifle, I was never introduced to M-LOK and I have been falling in love with it. Accessories fit close to the rail to create a more compact gun. I haven’t installed the free rails that came in the kit since I haven’t had a need for them yet.

    Overall, I love this rail. It’s light, feels perfect in my small hands and makes my SCAR look beautiful. M-LOK is perfect for adding rails or accessories with out adding bulk to the gun. I Highly recommend this rail to ALL SCAR OWNERS, no exceptions. I love that the rail comes with QD mounts. Now i need to go shopping for new slings :).


  3. garciavera5 (verified owner)

    I ordered the 6.5″ MLOK – Shipped Fast…nicely packaged. Everything looked and felt as expected out of the box – lightweight, fit and finish excellent. Once installed (pretty straight forward) – is when I truly understood the value of the MREX for me.

    I’m used to shooting with thinner tube handguards, and the MREX gave me that familiarity in shooting the SCAR that I was looking for. I’m able to “clamp” the rifle the way I’m used to – and I have enough rail real estate in front of the block to get my other accessories out of the way, yet accessible with multiple MLOK attachment points.

    I highly recommend this rail, for those looking for a better handling SCAR.

    -McLean_Atlanta, GA

  4. Tyler (verified owner)

    I’ve had this on my 17S for several weeks now and I could not be happier. The quality of the finish and machining is fantastic and the overall feel of the handgaurd blows the factory rails out of the water.

    The installation process was very straightforward. I did run into an issue with the front barrel screws which needed to be torqued to 62lbs in the factory configuration. I tried torquing down these screws and just ended up stripping them until I got in contact with the people at KDG. In short, you only need to torque down the 4 rear barrel screws instead of all 6. The rest can be hand tightened.

    Overall, this is the best set of rails for the SCAR that you can buy. I am super happy with the way it turned out and could not be happier.

  5. Frank (verified owner)

    I purchased the 6.5″ rail a few months ago, following the purchase of SCAR SAS STOCK. I needed a rail for my Scar 17, looked at everything available and purchased the KDG Rail. I have waited intentionally before submitting a review. Since installing this rail i have put close to 1000 rounds down range. The rail says put, doesn’t loosen. The MREX QD M-LOK’s that i purchased with the rail also stay put. One thing a Stock Scar 17 needs is more rail space, this rail does it. It allows you to place your hand in a variety of locations comfortably and securely. I have had a SureFire Light mounted to the rail since its installation and combined with the Viking Tactical Light Mount it is rock solid and after almost 1000 rounds hasn’t moved. This rail is a little more expensive then some of the others, but, i can assure you that it is worth every penny. If you need extra rail space on you Scar 17, do not hesitate, purchase this rail and you will not be disappointed. The Installation Instructions and Video are straight forward and easy to follow. I do have The Scar Barrel Torx Wrench and it came in really handy, made tightening the screws easy.

  6. Richard (verified owner)

    It is a nice addition to the Scar 17. No regrets on purchasing and like the additional flexibility on possible attachments. It was also easy to install with the you tube video guide from their website. There are several open female screw ports (three on each side) that really serve no purpose and are certainly a place that dirt and oil will collect. It would be nice if KDG offered some rubber covers or something to put in the openings.

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