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Do you live in the frigid north? Do your ears get cold easily? Are you a coffee shop Barista that secretly loves guns? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need our fleece beanie! We wanted to offer a fleece Watch Cap, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We had to choose between “Tactical black”, “Midnight black”, and “Classic black”. But the people that make these amazingly warm, double layered, incredibly soft beanies wanted to charge us an extra two bucks for each “Tactical black” Watch Cap! We were all like “Whoa there crazy!…. what do you think we are, suckers?”  So we saved you some money by going with a “Classic black” beanie instead. Thats right. KDG is looking our for you, Joe Q. Customer.   Anyway, we are pleased to offer you a winter headwear option.  It has our logo, so you know its awesome. 

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