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KDG front sight replacement rail piece was designed to provide extra rail in place of the OEM FN Scar front iron sight. This allows the user to replace the OEM iron sight with any aftermarket iron sight of your choice. Or if so chosen, this rail segment will also give added room for other accessories like pressure switches, and laser / light devises. Manufactured from 6061 aluminum and anodized for a hard coat finish.

Product comes with setscrew for installation.


Installation is simple. Remove the roll pin in the front sight stop located on the right side of the front sight, remove the stop and slide the front sight off with all components. Slide the rail segment into place, install set screw and tighten. Please use common sense and caution as to not over tighten set screw.

Please Note: Due to manufacturing imperfections with the casting on the gas block, alignment cannot be 100% guaranteed from rifle to rifle

We highly recommend the use of metal replacement front sights and accessories due to the fact this rail segment sits on top of the gas block. The gas block is a location that a lot of heat is transferred during firing from expanding hot gases. Plastic sights and other accessories may not withstand the heat transferred to them. Please take caution with the accessories placed here.    

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